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Legal Services

ISO14001 and 18001

With over eleven years’ experience providing services to certification authorities and corporate clients, Adrian Pole is well placed to help companies achieve and maintain ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification. Adrian Pole offers HSE legal compliance evaluations and customised HSE legal registers.

Legal Audits

- Permit compliance audits (e.g. waste site permit audits);

- Due diligence audits (e.g. regarding planned new acquisitions); and

- HSE legal compliance audits.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Services offered include legal advice to companies and EIA consultants on EIA (and other permitting) requirements and processes.

Administrative Appeals

Adrian Pole has experience drafting well-researched, persuasive administrative appeals on behalf of clients unhappy with permitting decisions and/or environmental authorisations or refusals, the quantum of section 24G administrative fines, and town planning appeals.

Legal Representation

We represent our clients on request during authority inspections, opposing or making representations on compliance notices, emergency environmental incident reporting processes, administrative appeals and in litigation.

Legal Advice

We provide legal advice on request relating to (amongst other things) authorisation and permitting requirements, including in relation to:

- Waste management licensing;

- EIA authorisations;

- EIA rectification processes (s24G of NEMA);

- Water use licensing; and

- Atmospheric emissions licensing.

Legal Training

We offer tailored environmental legal training to our clients.

Environmental Justice

Adrian Pole has represented various interest groups, NGOs and community organisations in public interest environmental matters. With a solid grounding in and understanding of human rights and environmental justice issues, Adrian Pole seeks to help clients assert their constitutional rights through litigation, advocacy and through informed engagement in legislative and authorisation processes in order to promote effective public participation and informed, fair and sustainable environmental decision-making.